RIP Ian Fuller

Word has reached me that Ian Fuller, a.k.a. frequent contributor “bkkphotographer” from Bangkok, has unexpectedly died. His wife confirms this from his email address, as do several friends.

This leaves me profoundly sad, and I wish his family and his other friends strength, and extend my condolences. Ian was a good man, and was just 53. As so often, it is entirely the wrong people who die too young.

I had wondered why he had gone radio silent: I had thought perhaps he was taking a vacation. Alas, the news was much, much sadder than that.

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  1. Oh no. I too had noticed his absence on your blog, William. As I told you once, I found this place via his blog. This leaves me sad too even though I have never got to ‘talk’ to him. RIP Ian.

  2. Like most, I never had the chance to talk to Ian Fuller “bkkphotographer” it was always a pleasure each day to read the blog, then the comments. Bkkphotographer always had positive input that could always help others. My condolences extends to his wife and family.

  3. Ian Fuller was a good man. He had many interests and could talk for hours about just about anything.

    I had the good fortune of meeting Ian through ‘flickr.’ Over the past few years, we shared many, many comments on our respective photostreams before we actually met in person. Once we did meet, we agreed to have lunch together as often as we could. We’d meet and talk, then take our cameras for a walk.

    The last time I saw Ian he brought his wife Boom and one of her friends to join our lunch. We had a simple meal of chicken rice at a hole-in-the-wall spot in my Bangkok neighborhood. Boom went around the corner and bought us all iced coffee. It was a great afternoon.

    Ian loved his life in Bangkok — all the the hustle and bustle, the people (especially the pretty women), the rare cars, the trains…everything. Such a great interest in life…

    He especially loved his wife Boom, and often spoke of her fondly to me.

    I hope to see Boom soon. I know she is heartbroken as true love runs very deep in this part of the world. Maybe I can help her close out his websites.

    Rest in peace Ian. Many people miss you…

  4. Oh no! I hadn’t been around the net in the past few weeks as I had tons of photos to edit. Now that is almost done I log on to find this… RIP “bkkphotographer”. I had read and enjoyed his blog on a weekly basis and it’s through Ian that I found yours. He will be missed…

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