Soon, the book

The book is progressing well. The only thing that is slowing down is all this work!

But it is delightful work. Last weekend, birthday shoots. This week, spot news. Thursday to Sunday: teaching. Tomorrow, a series of on-location executive portraits. Great and varied work.

On a forum recently, I asked some other pros what they would use in a given lighting situation. One of them wrote back: “You do this for a living so you shouldn’t have to ask. Do you want your clients to google you and find that you are asking questions”?

This person misunderstands the Internet and misunderstands the collaborative world we live in today.  Of course I ask, share, debate, weight: the moment you think you know it all, you stop developing.

So if you have questions here, please ask and let’s kick some ideas around. Whether you are just starting to develop as a photographer or whether you are a pro: never be afraid to ask.

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