Moi, aujourd'hui.

Even in a snapshot, you want to;

  1. Avoid direct light (use reflected light instead).
  2. Use an off-centre composition (follow “the rule of thirds”).
  3. Blur the background, if the picture is a portrait.
  4. Straighten horizontal/vertical lines.
  5. Fill the frame.

If you do all that, your pictures will be better than Uncle Fred’s.

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  1. That’s cool Michael! I didn’t know you could speak french. I do too!
    Btw, do you use LR to place the watermark in your pictures? I tried yesterday and they were really small. One of adobe’s forums said we have no control over the fonts and size of the watermark =(



  2. Français? Oui, un peu… “school French”. I was brought up in Holland before moving to the UK, and we all learned French, German and English at school.

    Resize using LR, and then the logo will be appropriately sized. If you resize after adding the logo, it’ll be too small. And LR resizes very well.

    Also – in R 3 you’ll get more control, I understand.

  3. Very nice! I learned it since I was born (mauritius). I haven’t really practiced it recently. I hope I won’t lose my french!

    I tried what you said. Indeed LR does a good job resizing. Looks much better.

    Thanks again.

  4. Holland must be such a wonderful place to grow up in! I’m half French (the other half is Japanese) but I was born & raised in Bangkok, Thailand… This is off topic but then again it’s nice to go off topic sometime 🙂

  5. Sylvie, off-topic is great sometimes. I grew up near Gouda, where they make the cheese. Next, I moved to the UK. Spent my formative years there. After getting my degree, I worked for a Dutch company internationally. I worked in over 30 countries in the past 30 years (including Japan, Thailand and France)! That is one reason I wrote the ‘Travel Photography” workshop I teach. I moved to Canada in 1995.

    Right now, I am about to get up, but it is too cold in spite of the double glazing and the heating being on, so I wish I were in Asia.

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