Tripod Tips

Some photographers need tripods. Like landscape photographers. Or, in fact, like almost any photographers. If you think you can consistently produce sharp work handheld, you are mistaken.

So how do you produce good shots using a tripod?

  • When possible, use low ISO. A night shot, for example, is dark, but when using a tripod you have the luxury of being able to use long shutter speeds, so you do not need high ISO. High ISO gives noise.
  • Use the camera’s timer release. So that your finger pressing the shutter does not cause slight motion.
  • Weigh down the tripod if you can, so it is stable.
  • Put the camera as close as you can to the point where the three legs get together.
  • Use a ball head to hold the camera.

You’ll see, a tripod makes a major difference.

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