A quick snap from my Canon 1D Mark IV taken at 12800 ISO. I applied very slight noise reduction in Lightroom and upon export, reduced the size to 1200 pixels wide.

If I had not mentioned it, would you be able to tell that was taken at such high ISO?

For high ISO shots, it is imperative that you light the shot well. Remember Willems’s Law: “Bright Pixels are Sharp Pixels”.

I shot that with the 1D Mark IV, at 12800 ISO, with the 100mm EF [corrected!] Macro lens, and shot at 1/60th sec handheld at f/2.8. A slow shutter speed like that (lower than one divided by the lens length) needs a steady hand and a bit of luck – oh and shoot ten pictures to get a few very sharp ones.  Better still, use a tripod.

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  1. Just a quick note: I don’t think it was an EF-S lens on the 1D Mark IV. Unlike Nikon, I guess Canon hasn’t figured a way to fit both digital only and film lenses on the same mount.

    The bigger question is, was this the older EF 100mm USM Macro that I own and love, or was it the EF 100mm IS USM Macro that I am lusting after?

  2. Well,

    There’s also the matter of why you’d even want to put an EF-S lens on an full-frame camera.

    That aside, you can sort of get away with using an Extension tube. You loose infinity focus, but you’ll effectively see the entire image circle the EF-S lens provides. Idk… artistic reasons maybe? At this point, if you can afford a full-frame, you can also afford EF lenses hehe.

    Also- nice kitty shot 🙂

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