Assignment: shoot some old items

Here’s an assignment: Shoot some old items around the house. Use selective focus (you know: use a low “F-number” and get close). Expose carefully.

I took these snaps today at The Distillery District, where I am exposing some prints and also will be putting on “IV – Intravenous” photo exhibition in March.

0 thoughts on “Assignment: shoot some old items

  1. OMG!

    Those old typewritters! That reminds me I should dig out my old TW and give it a good cleaning…

    Technology is a funny thing- once ubiquitous and essential… now you’d be hard pressed to find someone say, 25 and under, that will recall having used one (or worse, know what it was).

    Sort of like… film cameras. Scary, ain’t it?

  2. We dug this unit out of our storeroom. The son of the founder of our business got it. Thank goodness.

    I got these pictures very quickly during working hours. I didn’t have time to do too much with this, but even five minutes was enough to let me learn and practice a few things.

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