Tilt chair

No, not the chair – what I mean is, I tilted this to get the chair in:

Dutch Angle, they call it. Hollywood term, mispronunciation of “Deutsch” – i.e. German.

As I have mentioned before, I tend to use angles for four different reasons:

  1. To add dramatic interest
  2. To add energy, dynamic motion.
  3. To make diagonals horizontal or vertical.
  4. To fit it all into the picture.

Don’t discount that last reason. People will assume I was being creative, but often I just want to fit it in. And -depending, of course, on the subject- that suits me fine. I once heard Peter Power, one of Canada’s premier photojournalists, say the same at a workshop I took. I agreed then, and I still agree!

And sometimes you til because you can’t stand up straight:

Just kidding. Really.

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