Clarity, or lack thereof

If you have ever wondered why you can’t read camera manuals: it’s not you. It’s the manual.

I am just reading an explanatory manual to my 1D Mark IV. This manual is meant to clarify the manual.

So does it? I quote:

When tracking sensitivity is set to slow (option -2) the length of time that objects entering the AF point are viewed as obstructions will be longer than when set to the intermediate slow option (-1). So, when the time a subject is hidden behind an obstruction is brief (long means about”0.X”sec.), this setting can be highly effective.
For example, when shooting events like breast stroke and butterfly in swimming, with repetitive patterns such as the swimmer going in and out of the water at regular intervals, the slow option (-2) setting can often be effective.
Depending on how long the subject is hidden, it will be best to distinguish between the intermediate slow option (-1) when the time hidden is shorter, and slow option (-2), when it is slightly longer.

Good God. That is so unclear. How about:

You can set “tracking sensitivity” to “slow” (option -2). If you do this, the camera will wait a while before it switches focus to an object that enters between you and the object you were focusing on.

This setting of -2 is good in a situation where objects tend to appear between you and your subject for, say, between 1/10th of a second and a full second. If objects only appear for under 1/10th of a second each time, you can also choose “intermediate slow” (-1).

For example, you can choose one of these settings when shooting events like breast stroke and butterfly in swimming, where a swimmer goes in and out of the water at regular intervals.

Choose the “slow” option (-2) setting if the swimmer disappears under water for longer periods each time. If the swimmer only disappears for short periods each time, you should choose “intermediate slow” (-1).

That’s how I would write that. Clarity, guys!

Why is it “Register Settings” and “Apply Settings”? Why not just “Save Settings” and “Load Settings”? That would be a lot more clear.. what does “register” mean?

Maybe we should communally rewrite all of Canon’s manuals. And Nikon’s, and the rest.

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  1. Just an FYI…..When I worked for Canon USA, all the manuals were written in Japan. They were then poorly translated into English in Japan for our reading pleasure in the USA. This is no doubt the case for all the other languages too. …….and in case you haven’t noticed the same holds true for computer equipment in most cases.

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