I just got back from The Distillery District, where today we opened the second ever showing of “IV”. It is raining tonight:

That’s Av and two stops negative exposure compensation, and 5,000 ISO. Here’s another one:

I took this handheld. That meant:

  • Aperture mode
  • Minus two stops exposure compensation.
  • Because of the darkness and the lack of a support I used high ISO of 5,000.
  • This gave me 1/15th second at f/5.6 (I wanted depth of field).
  • The lens was a 16mm lens on a Canon 1D Mark IV, crop factor 1.3, so really 16×1.3 = 21mm.
  • Finally – because it was hand held, I took five or six shots.

Now relaxing a bit… tomorrow, teaching Flash at Henry’s in Oakville, and Monday a PPOC guest appearance at Fanshawe College in London.

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