Learning Lighting

I think it is very important that you learn how to use flash in manual mode (manual flash, that is, as well as manual exposure!) before you move to today’s sophisticated eTTL or iTTL modes.

That way, you get predictable results. And you can use Pocketwizards.

The above shot was lit with only a few lights.

Here’s your tip for today: when a fireplace does not light, use a flash with a red gel (I used a 430EX equipped with a Honl speedstrap and Honl red gel; all fired with Pocketwizards).

NEWS! Joseph Marranca, one of Canada’s most experienced commercial photographers, and I are organizing a unique weekend advanced light workshop at my country home in Mono, Ontario, just an hour north of Toronto. Strictly limited to 6-8 advanced or emerging pro users, this will be a unique two-day opportunity to learn lighting (indoors, outdoors, and mixed, and using studio strobes as well as speedlites) and come home with portfolio shots.

The dates are April 10 and 11. Email me if you want further detail!

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  1. I think this is somewhat topical, when would you use something like a Fong Lightsphere, as opposed to an umbrella? Are there either / or situations? Situations where a Lightsphere comes out on top? Situations where an umbrella is better? Is there not much crossover at all?

  2. Gar: I actually go into a lot of detail on that, when to choose what modifier. I have the Honl modifiers, a Fong Lightsphere, a Lumiquest lightbox, and others. Basically, follow the light. In short: if you can bounce off a wall, do it. If not easily, consider the Lightsphere. If not at all, use the softbox.

    • I guess I need to wait for you to publish your book. 🙂 I figured I’d pick up a few Honl accessories for my kit. Next though is going to be his dvd. I just got the Nikon School dvd on CLS and that was very interesting.

  3. Yesm they are very good.

    As it happens, I am being joined by David Honl next week in Phoenix – he and an assistant are flying in from LA. I can recommend his DVD – very good viewing.

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