Shooting an event: choice of shots

A few tips, on and off over the next few days, about shooting events. Events such as parties, clubs, openings: lots of people and they are camera aware.

Today: What to shoot. I recommend that you shoot “all three views”:

  • Overview shots, showing “the whole thing”: wide shots with the entire venue, entire room, and so on.
  • Medium shots, with one or two people
  • And finally: detail shots. An aspect of the room. The stereo and a CD that’s playing Notes on the fridge. Or like in this shot, the food:

(Can you see that I bounced the flash off the ceiling behind me?)

If you shoot plenty of all three views, you will have plenty of material for a great album. And people remember the details!

0 thoughts on “Shooting an event: choice of shots

  1. Can you see that I bounced the flash off the ceiling behind me?

    Hello, please can you explain how you do this?
    I’m not English so I don’t know exact what you mean with ” behind me”


  2. I mean, aim the flash behind me instead of in front of me. Or in Dutch: ik draai de flits om en richt hem achter mijn hoofd, niet voor me uit. Dan bonst het licht tegen de muur en het plafond achter me, en vandaar weer naar het onderwerp – en dat geeft veel beter licht.

  3. Michael, dank je wel voor het wel verrassende onverwachte antwoord in het Nederlands.
    Snel in de “about” gekeken en toen was het mij duidelijk.
    mmh, born in the Netherlands!!

    Kijk regelmatig op jouw site en vind het bijzonder interessant en leerzaam.

    Ga zo door, veel succes en dank

    groet Guus van Goethem

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