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Today so far, these have included:

annie leibovitz aperture 2
can you shoot in black and white with th 1
street light language:en 1
24-70 2.8l 1
turning off the beep on canon 7d 1
7d and monolights 1
canon leibovitz 1
kodiak gallery in the distillery distric 1


Well, in short:

Annie shoots Canon but I am not sure at what aperture, or whether she uses Aperture or Lightroom. Yes you can shoot B/W with any camera – but best to convert from colour on the computer.The 24-70 2.8L is a very good standard pro lens. Yes you can turn off the beep and yes you can use any camera with monolights, just use pocketwizards or a cable.

"IV - Intravenous", Kodiak Gallery, Toronto

And my “IV” exhibit at The Kodiak Gallery in The Distillery District (55 Mill St, Building 47, Toronto) finishes today – last chance to see this shocking but ultimately triumphant exhibit.

3 thoughts on “Searches on this blog

  1. Hi Michael,

    I enjoy reading your blog since I first found it couple months ago. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    I saw the picture of your exhibition above and I am interested to know whether those small photos on the wall were framed? The ‘frame’ if any looks thin to me. Or are they just photos with backing board and you stick them to the wall with a double tape?

    Again, thank you for sharing.


    • Hi there Hendra,

      Thanks for the compliment.

      As for the exhibit: A-ha! A few were framed but most were laminated. I.e. stuck on hard board (the stuff clipboards are made of), which are then given a nice edge in a colour of my choice; then laminated and equipped with hanging hardware on the back. That way I can afford to do exhibits without going broke!

  2. Hi Michael,

    Thanks so much for sharing the info. This gives me an idea to try for my own photos. Will check out this hard board here in Singapore.

    All the best for you Michael.


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