Your assignment for today, should you choose to accept it: shoot a picture of a machine.

Use, if you can, a 50mm lens.

Tips (since this is a teaching blog): Try to fill the frame. Consider shooting in black and white. Avoid direct light.


And have fun!

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  1. My talented photographer friend Maged writes:

    “wow nice composition. do you have any tips on shooting stainless steel”

    Thanks! And yes, I suppose I do.

    Steel is about light, colour and reflections. First, usually avoid direct light. Reflect – but do watch for nasty visible-shape reflections (wall, umbrella, flash head) and avoid those. For colour, you can use white balance to make the steel appear extra blue. And get some highlights so you can see that it is steel – totally flat is not the best way, usually.

    Does that help?

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