Tip: Become a bag-person.

Quick Tip of the day: carry some small things at all times. Namely:

  • Plastic bags – to put things into, absorb shocks in your camera bags, stop things from moving around, and heck, even to throw up into if you’re sick.
  • Microfiber Cloths – to regularly clean your lenses and the back of your camera’s LCD, and also to absorb shocks in your bag.
  • A cheap 1″ paint brush – dust that does not get onto your camera will not get into your camera.
  • A “bulb”-type air blower – ditto.
  • Shower caps from hotel rooms – to wrap around your camera when it rains – poke a hole at both ends and you’re better protected than without.

These cost almost nothing, weigh almost nothing, and are worth more than than their weight in gold for a photographer. Solutions can be low-tech.

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