Why I use 1-series cameras

They don’t do anything more than a Digital Rebel. But they do do it better sometimes, and that is important when you shoot for a living. They are more waterproof and more shockproof and shoot faster. And they have several other neat functions that can really matter.

Look at this shot here, from a commercial shoot I just did:

Entertainment Central, Oakville

Entertainment Central, Oakville

No idea what happened to the bottom right corner: bad sector on the disk, perhaps?

That is why the 1-series cameras, like my 1D Mark IV and my 1Ds Mark III, can write to two memory cards at once. I always do this. Sometimes the same format to both, sometimes large RAW to one and small RAW or even JPG to the other. That way I still have one when the other one has a problem.

If you do not have a 1-series or similar camera that can write to two cards, what do you do?

  • Change memory cards regularly
  • Format them every time you re-insert into the camera
  • of course, backup, backup, backup.

But you knew that.

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  1. This error has nothing to do with memory card or camera.

    The problem is with USB transfer protocol in windows. When sometimes downloading data from card to computer via USB some bits in file (or files) become corrupted as protool transfers them incorrectly. This does not happen every time you transfer a file.

    I spent couple months dealing with this issue – changed memory cards, cables, readers, antiviruss programs etc. Only thing that solved the problem – reinstalling windows.
    Reinstall Windows and everything will be fine!

    If you only read the files from memory card then they are intact on card so you can simply download them again to different computer and they will be normal.


  2. It is possible, Janis. But unlikely. For one thing, I use a Mac. And it was just one image. But sure, nothing is 100% reliable – that’s why we need to always have backups of everything: even our computers.

    • Yes nothing is 100% reliable. I fully agree on that!

      For me it also was sometimes one image, sometimes more than one image, sometimes none.

      Do you get the same corrupt image when you download the image from memory card using different computer?
      If image is ok then its computers fault.

  3. For those of us in business and can’t afford a 1D-handle the cf’s with utmost care. Don’t squeeze and don’t leave them lying around without their cases.

    For other useful tips refer to the list above. Remember always format-don’t just delete photos on cf before every project.

    Thank you, Michael.

  4. I always format my cards after I copy my photos to my Mac. I always do it but never know why I do it. Someone said it was the right thing to do but is there a real, technical reason to do so?

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