Stop Press: Rogers screws customers

Oh sorry, that is not news. Cable and mobile telephony provider Rogers Inc, a company so close to its government buddies who provide them with the near-monopoly they enjoy that when a Rogers president dies, every living past and present Canadian prime minister attends the funeral, always screws their customers!

This time, Apple a few days ago sent an email about the iPad. It mentions the Rogers rate of $20 for existing iPhone data customers. So I order a 3G iPad. And then days later, Rogers say that rate is a typo. Actually it’s $35 for a few GB. And there’s no break for existing clients who already pay $60 for 6GB on the iPhone. Even if they only use a fraction of that 6GB.

My cell bill is never less than $125. Why we accept being raped (figuratively) by people who to me seem simple criminals is beyond me. But the outcry on the Rogers blog and other publications and even the Globe and Mail leads me to believe that they will recant. We shall see.

In any case, the iPad will be a major item for photographers: I think there will be entirely new, innovative ways to share and show off and use photos.

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