Digital SLR Gotchas: LCD

The LCD on your digital SLR is fabulous.

But do not use it to judge exposure, for one main reason: it is not objective. Its apparent brightness is affected by ambient light as well as by your LCD’s brightness settings, and this can easily lead you astray. I see this all the time in classes. “Why is my camera overexposing every shot?” is usually answered by “it’s not, but you have set your LCD to full brightness”.

My tip:

  1. Expose well (use the tips on this blog; learn exposure compensation; learn to use the spot meter).
  2. Use the histogram to judge whether you got it right.
  3. When using the LCD, use a Hoodman Hood Loupe.
  4. Set the LCD to “average” brightness.

I like to “expose to the right” – your preference may be different. Either way: do not judge a photo by the LCD on the back of your camera.

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