Of workshops, and how to use them

I just taught a photo club in Oakville a thing or two. Great fun: I love the enthusiasm. This is a great time to be a photographer.

And a teacher. Next month, I am teaching in Las Vegas with special guest star David Honl: http://www.cameratraining.ca/Vegas.html – a great time will be had by all, but I do shake my head at doing this in July in Vegas, partly outdoors. Glad I (like Dave) enjoy the heat.

But even closer to July, a workshop in Mono, Ont,just an hour north of Oakville, that is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to practice and learn creative flash skills: all day on June 26.  See here: http://www.cameratraining.ca/Mono-Day-2.html

As said, great days to be a photographer. A simple camera, rudimentary knowledge, and training by the pros: you can be a pro in no time.

And above all: practice. Never ask “what would happen if I pressed this button?”. Press that button!

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  1. Hi Michael;

    You’re totally right about practicing all of the time! That Henry’s course I went on with you last summer really was a beginning point for me in that respect–I haven’t stopped shooting ever since and it’s neat how much one can actually improve by just working on it all the time…I’m almost ready for some of your more advanced workshops now.


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