No depth in my pictures?

I just returned from a very enjoyable Advanced Flash workshop.

But now a different subject. Depth.

A simple tip: if you want three-dimensionality in your photos, i.e. depth, perspective, then:

  1. Use a wide-angle lens;
  2. Include a close-by foreground object;
  3. Get close to that object.

..and your pictures will have depth.

This example, shot Sunday in Oakville during a “Creative Urban Photography” workshop I designed for Henry’s School of Imaging, has no foreground subject:

Oakville shot by Michael Willems, the boring way: no foreground subject

Oakville shot by Michael Willems

Boring. Flat. Uninteresting.

And this one does have a close-by foreground subject:

Oakville shot by Michael Willems, with a foreground subject

Oakville with a foreground subject

Clear – no? Which picture do you prefer?

The prosecution rests its case.

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