Le Chat, etc: Montréal ce soir

A quick walk through Montréal. 32-12800 ISO and Lightroom noise reduction.. Wow. Wow. And wow. Both Montreal and the low noise performance:

Montreal church, by Michael Willems

Montreal church, by Michael Willems

Montreal Wall, by Michael Willems

Montreal Wall, by Michael Willems

Montreal, by Michael Willems


And my favourite:

Le Chat, photographed by Michael Willems

Le Chat (en Montréal)

All this shot handheld with a 1D Mark IV and a 16-35 f/2.8 lens. At ISOs up to 12,800, and with Lightroom 3 noise reduction applied.

0 thoughts on “Le Chat, etc: Montréal ce soir

  1. I love the “Montreal Wall” shot, it would be a fantastic backdrop for a street portrait, I’m amazed by the effectiveness of Lightroom 3 given the ISO, as well as jealous that you own a 1D MkIV.

  2. These images look amazingly clean. They really got me thinking about upgrading. However, I have a student version of LR2, so I have to purchase the full version if I want to upgrade.

  3. I was spoiled last week, I used LR3 then when I had to go back to my version of Lightroom it’s just not the same.

    All are great photos; the first with the church is amazing. The truck looks small compare to the church and the man in front of the truck. WoW nice work michael

  4. That’s very impressive. Is there any way you could post the pics without the LR3 processing for comparison purposes? Great work!

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