Wedding lenses

For today’s wedding I used a 35mm lens, a 16-35, a 24-70, a 70-200 and a 100mm macro. At a later day (when I am not falling sleep after working 7am-midnight) I will go into more detail But for now:

Macro for close-up detail:

Wide for environmental shots;

And use telephoto for farther-away detail:

More on technique in the next few days!

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  1. Clasped hands tell the story- and I’m so interested that this was with telephoto. Maybe, Michael, you would be able to write more on the capture of closeness from far away. Thanks, as always, for generously sharing your expertise.

    • Thanks! And yes, there will be more about this – today, even. Last night I got home very late after the wedding and wanted to at least post one or two snaps as a teaser!

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