Another version

…of the recent “rain”-shot Joseph and I put on at our Mono workshop. I asked recently which one you preferred. Here’s mine:

Evanna, photo by Michael WIllems

Evanna, photo by Michael Willems

Overall, I slightly prefer this one, because:

  • She is larger in the shot.
  • The wet road looks more realistic.
  • It looks like she is in the rain, now – rain drips off the umbrella.
  • I like the lit umbrella, to provide contrast with the hair.
  • Her face is part lit, not evenly lit.

But that is my opinion. Yours may differ. Validly! In interpreting art, a lot of it is valid opinion.

0 thoughts on “Another version

  1. Hi Michael,

    Isn’t this umbrella shot different than the one that you had us choose from? I do prefer this one to the former one with her holding the umbrella.


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