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Notes to Readers:

  • I see that some of you still come here via the old address, http://blog.michaelwillems.ca. Please note that the address is now http://www.speedlighter.ca
  • All old articles are here too: just search!
  • And you can search this blog by search word, by category, or by “tag”. See on the right. USE those resources: there is much useful information here.

2 thoughts on “Quick Note

    • Sure do. If I am in light rain, I do not bother. If I were to go into heavy rain, I would use one – they are great and much less risky than SLRs. If I were to go into actual water (i.e. go diving), then I would still use a point-and-shoot with a special waterproof enclosure, rather than an SLR with an enclosure. )I would keep the price down: when the seals are not in perfect condition and perfectly clean, water can get in even when it is not supposed to).

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