What I mean, in today’s tip, is this: your pictures look interesting if there is a juxtaposition in it – a contrast, an unusual difference between opposites.Big and small. Ugly and Beautiful. Organic and technical. red and green.

Or like in this picture, old and new:

Old and New

Old and New

When a juxtaposition is combined with another “interest”, such as “curves”, or here, “reflections”, so much the better.

And here one more, with blue and an intriguing shadow: intrigue (making the viewer work it out) is always good in pictures!

Old and New and Blue and Shadow

Old and New and Blue and Shadow

2 thoughts on “Juxtapose!

  1. Wow! Great shots Michael. 2nd photo – The first time I see it, my thought was – what a nice photo. Then I notice the shadow, my mind shouts – what a great photo!

    Just to let you know – I follow your blog almost everyday.

  2. Michael, what were your other ‘things to look out for’ when shooting photographs such as the pictures you have posted? I remember seeing a blog in the past where it mentioned ideas such as converging lines, contrast in colour, framing, etc.

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