Guess what.

Two techniques today that I have pointed out before, and I will do it again until everyone uses them regularly.

  1. Close-Far
  2. Selective focus with supporting background elements

Like here:

Food, and food

Food, and food

And here:

Cigar and person

Cigar and person

These pictures:

  • Make the foreground subject really stand out
  • Achieve perspective (close-far: get close to your close object!) and
  • Provide environment, or context, where theuser has to put two and two together to create the story. The eye goes to close object – background – back to close object.

One more example – then go out and shoot some!

Cheers (Teen with orange juice)

Cheers (Teen with orange juice)

Instuctions, should you need them:

  1. Wide lens, often the wider the better
  2. Get close!
  3. Focus on the close object.
  4. Use the largest aperture (smallest “f-number”).

Have fun!

2 thoughts on “Guess what.

  1. This is something of a philosophical discussion because it depends on what you want the photo for, and what you think of that “look”.

    When I photograph a table of food, I usually consider it a failure if the whole table is not sharp. The sample picture of the plate over the table works pretty well and does emphasize the plate of food.

    If you are selling cigars and orange juice then the other samples are great photos. As portraits of the people enjoying themselves, I doubt either subject would take the photo and show it to their friends.

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