Screen tip

I have two screens connected to my computer. Or rather, since the Mac is integrated with one screen, I have an extra screen connected, see the right side:

You can connect an extra screen to most computers, Macs as well as PCs.

Why? Here’s why.

  • More real estate (space, in English) is always good. Make things bigger.
  • I can open a browser and drag it to screen two, while sending an email about what I see on screen one.
  • I can have my calendar open on screen two while I write an invoice on screen one.
  • I can open Photoshop on the left while I use a command line on the right
  • I can always use Twitter, Facebook, etc on the right screen while I work on the left screen.
  • And importantly, when using Lightroom, I can use it in two-screen mode. That makes it possible for me to have a grid open on the right while I edit in detail on the left.

There is no limit to what you can do – and your productivity goes up.

And yes. My desktop background this month is a barbecue hamburger.

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