Warning: bodies here

Today marked the first “The Art of Photographing Nudes” workshop that Joseph Marranca and I held in Mono, Ontario for photo enthusiasts.

Kassandra, grunge James Bond nude silhouette

In this workshop, students learned about such things as:

  • Background of the nude photograph
  • Types of nude shots
  • Challenges
  • Equipment/technical
  • Model: interaction, finding, putting at ease
  • Men vs Women
  • Light: how to keep it simple
  • Colour vs Black and White
  • Composition
  • Do’s and Dont’s

Many practical tips made this a very useful way to spend a Sunday, and everyone went back with lots of shots.

When you have a great model like Kassandra, your task shifts slightly from directing every shot to “setting up the shot, then taking lots of images, then selecting the ones you like best”.

We shall be holding another one in March – let me know if you think you might want to be one of the students. Two expert photographer instructors, one cook (thanks Michelle) and no more than ten students at the most.

After the click, another few shots.

Warning: those of you that are offended by the sight of the human body (I am sorry if in 2011 you are: we all have one – and  if you want to be a photographer you had better get used to that fact!) – that there will be unclothed human bodies after you click here:

So here is model Kassandra, whose professional efforts made this a great day.

First, using simple available light, which can work so well, especially for women:

Model Kassandra showing poses

Model Kassandra showing poses

Using studio light:

Model Kassandra, using Studio Light

Model Kassandra, using Studio Light

Also, using selective focus:

Model Kassandra, using simple light during nudes workshop

Model Kassandra, using simple light

The nude is tough to shoot with originality, but it is a subject that deserves to be shot again and again.

One more in black and white, to close off this post:

Model Kassandra, using studio light

Model Kassandra, using studio light

The great news: you need no complex equipment or technique. It is about the body, not about the environment, light, or special effects. Join us next time and learn more about this.

Until that time: shoot some nudes using:

  • simple north-facing window light;
  • simple composition;
  • perhaps lines, curves, and diagonals;
  • “implied” civilized poses;
  • simple backgrounds;
  • ..perhaps using a fixed 50mm lens.

I believe you will be impressed with how good simple studies of the human body can be.

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