Keep your eyes open

Sometimes even experienced photgraphers poverlook something.

At the corporate shoot the other day, my assistant and I set up a group shot (one of several, in addition to individual portraits).

For this shot, we:

  • Designed the shot.
  • Set up the room.
  • Set up the lights and modifiers.
  • Tested the light after metering.
  • Both remarked on how we should shut the door to avoid reflections and to simplify the shot.
  • Positioned the chairs .
  • Called in the group, and did the shot:
A corporate group, positioned around a conference table

Corporate group around a conference table

So we both failed to notice the open door!

No worries, this is rough out of the camera and I can post-produce it out, just as I will crop a little from the top. And the light and positioning are good. But it goes to show, attention matters.

It also goes to show, in an odd way, why you need to do this properly by using pros.

  • Yes, both pros overlooked something here, but for both me and my assistant a failure to notice something like this is the exception, plus we can make the shot good in post. An inexperienced photographer will make mistakes like this in many shots.
  • It shows how annoying little oversights like this are.
  • It shows how simplifying your shot is such an important element of a good shot.

So my piece of advice for today: pay great attention to ways you can simplify the photo. Remove any extraneous items.Position yourself for simplicity. Do this consistently, and your photos will be good, and the odd oversight can be forgiven and fixed.

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  1. Michael, are you able to post your post-prouction picture? Would like to see the final compared to pre-post.

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