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A reader asks:

“Could you talk about straps on your blog a little bit? You mention that you use Domke and the blackrapid. Are you still using them or are you using anothere one? If you use multiple ones, when do you use them? You also mentioned the ezee strap. Looks like a nice idea but I haven’t heard much about it. Personally I don’t like how it looks at the back. Almost feels like I have billboard on my back, if you know what I mean.

I am looking at buying a strap. People like the blackrapid but the idea of having the camera on my hip makes me nervous. I prefer it on my chest. But that might just be me.”


Yes, I use a Domke strap on my cameras. They are tough, unrecognizable (no loud “CANON 1Ds” or “NIKON D3x” logos), and they allow themselves to be quickly unhooked using a quick release clasp at each end. They also have rubber bands interwoven, ensuring friction.

I also very much like the Black Rapid strap. It screws into the bottom, where the tripod normally mount. The camera thus hangs down, and the camera slides along the strap. Very convenient. It looks dangerous but if you screw the Black Rapid strap into the bottom firmly, it will not come off.

And I use the Domke strap because when I put the Black Rapid on, I can unclasp the Domke and take most of it off quickly.

So when so I use what?

Normally Domke. But when shooting an event with multiple cameras, the Black Rapid. The other strap, seldom.

Straps are personal, so find what you like and use it. As long as you use a strap of some kind, you are fine. Make sure it feels good to you: if a strap does, you will be well served by it.

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  1. I second Michael’s recommendation for the Blackrapid R-Strap…I have used one for a couple of years now. It’s well made, and they upgraded the part that screws into the tripod hole about a year ago – it’s a solid piece of metal with a thick rubber washer that acts as sort of a compression mount when you attach the strap. Very secure, and you have your hands free as you walk around, with the camera resting either at your side or in the small of your back (kinda depends on what camera body and lens you have).

    Blackrapid also makes versions of the R-Strap for women (different cut, not just colors) and a double-sized versions for those that routinely carry two bodies for weddings or other events. I have their most basic version, the one without pockets.

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