Quick tip

Just a very quick tip tonight. Late night, 24 past midnight and getting up at 7am.

But enough time to point out that…

  • Your camera does not need to be switched off between shots. Leave it on, let it time out; then “wake it up” when needed by lightly touching the shutter.
  • You need no camera bag. Cameras want to be free, not locked up in a bag.
  • You can leave the filters in the bag. You need them when it is raining, sandy, snowing, etc – but not all the time.
  • You do not need a lens cap. Lens caps are picture preventers!

Things you DO need:

  • You DO need a lens hood.
  • You DO need a spare battery.
  • You DO need a strap.
  • You DO need spare memory cards.

There – doesn’t that liberate?


1 thought on “Quick tip

  1. I agree these suggestions can make photography more fun and ‘available’. If you are driving or touring through Niagara and photography is high on your activity list, how many lenses should you carry and which ones would offer the most flexibility? I find it is difficult to determine which ones to leave behind……….just in case……but I have a lot of lenses.

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