Turkey shooting season

Man, the turkeys are wild out here in Mono. So I encountered this guy the other day, on my way home (I am informed he is a tom):

He is trying to get away from my car, but the fence prevents this. He runs and runs but the fence never ends. Brains are not the strongest suit for these birds, apparently. His girlfriends, incidentally, did run the right way, and they got away much more easily.

So I pan – in other words, I follow him with my camera as I shoot. That results in a blurred background and a fairly sharp bird:

In the original of image two, I had fairly low contrast: it was a very foggy day. Plus I was moving. Plus the bird was moving, too. I therefore did a little post work in Lightroom – a few seconds worth:

  • Exposure up half a stop;
  • “Blacks” to +25;
  • Slight white balance tweak to bring it to what I saw.

That was all I need to make a low-contrast image into an acceptable shot.

Sometimes you cannot capture what you want in the camera, and in those cases, as long as it not a news image, a little post work is, I think, allowed. (Click and view original size to see the real image, as always.)

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