I ran a little late the other day. Because when I woke up, I saw we had had freezing rain overnight. My last days in Mono are ever more beautiful.

Mono foggy morning, after freezing rain

(You really have to see those at their original size to get the effect)

Mono morning, after freezing rain

Fog is low contrast. Low contrast, as I said the other cay, can be beautiful.

Mono foggy morning

A few tips:

  • Expose on auto, if you like – but since this is tricky light, do be ready to turn the exposure up or down in post-processing to get exactly what you were seeing.
  • Avoid creating a high contrast image by using your “levels” or “blacks” control.
  • Compose carefully.
  • Avoid “too-selective” focus. f/5.6 did it for me on my long lens (70-200).

Mono foggy morning, after freezing rain

And do shoot detail, too.

Mono foggy morning, after freezing rain

Nature can be beautiful, as long as you keep your eyes open for that detail; that sense of wonder that makes people write books about magic.


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