Shake it up.

In photography, like in many endeavours, it is easy to get caught up into a routine. “Always the same lens”. Or “always the same mode”. Or “always the same creative shots”. Or “always the same composition”.

So let’s shake it up. Starting with composition. Next time you shoot, use unusual viewpoints or angles:

One way to do this is to tilt your camera. As I have mentioned here before, you do this to get things in, or to introduce a sense of dynamic energy, motion:

Another way is to shoot from unusual viewpoints. When I shoot for a newspaper, I will try to get up or down.

Here, my friend, international fashion photographer Kristof is doing it:

Ever noticed photographers always carry ladders? That’s why.

And an army building looks interesting when tilted:

As does a model in a provocative pose:

And a photographer shooting:

So next week, turn and tilt your camera, get on the floor, or get on a ladder.


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