Opposite to what beginners think…

A working photographer does some things differently from the way beginners might think. Like these ten points:

  1. I do not use lens filters. Unless it is raining, snowing, grubby little fingers reach out, or I am at the beach or in a sandstorm.
  2. I always use a lens hood. Even at night, even indoors. Even at night, indoors.
  3. I often use flash outside. To fill in shadows and back lit faces.
  4. I often do not use flash in dark. To allow the shutter to stay open, and to use available light.
  5. I do not have a camera bag. Just a bag for lenses, flashes, and so on.
  6. Indoors, I point my flash behind me.
  7. I avoid zoom lenses when I can. I often prefer to use primes instead.
  8. I do not install software from my camera maker. Brrrr!
  9. I do not use all the focus points – I use only one.
  10. I set ISO manually. No auto ISO for me.

As you see, the obvious is not always right. Look at how the pros do it, and see if that might work for you.


2 thoughts on “Opposite to what beginners think…

  1. Well, most of these make sense…I’m just wondering about the Lens Hood. What’s the point of a lens hood? And why even at night and indoors?

  2. I agree that a camera bag is a dead giveaway of an amateur. When I’m shooting outdoor action I will use auto iso though. Beginners will also blindly follow rules.

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