One Thousand

This is my one thousandth post here in!

Tonight, I and my second shooter shot a wedding. We came back with nice shots like this:

And this next one, inspired by Mel. Remember, as I have said here many times, an out-of-focus background can make the viewer look and work out what is happening – and this makes the picture better. “Telling the story by not spelling it out“:

But the chapel.. oh boy.  It was dark. And I mean… dark. As in “1600 ISO, f/2.0, 1/30th second” kind of dark. Except the couple had a pair of very bright lights shining straight down onto their heads from the ceiling. Oh, and yes, bright light from one side’s windows. A very challenging environment – but we still came back with nice shots:

More about this in future days. Let’s just say for now that:

  1. You should not be afraid to use a high enough ISO.
  2. You ought to try several options. There’s seldom “just one”.
  3. Slow shutter is needed? The use it. even if some images may not be sharp.
  4. Use a fast lens. Faster.
  5. Flash not an option? Then use aperture, ISO and shutter to get there.

And now off to sleep for a few hours before going back to another shoot. And tomorrow, 1001 – leaving me feeling a little like Scheherazade.


3 thoughts on “One Thousand

  1. Congratulation Michael on the 1000 excellent posts! I too read them every day, and I find them extremely helpful.

  2. I am looking forward to many many more posts. Congratulations! I enjoy your low key approach to photography and the clarity of your explanations. Thanks.

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