Fuji X100 tips

Two more Fuji X100 tips for you today. This little camera continues to amaze me.

First: turn off the shutter sound. And perhaps also the focus chirp, although I must admit I find it hard to dispense with that altogether, so I leave it on but turn its volume down to the minimum. Why add a shutter sound when the super-quiet operation is exactly why you bought a rangefinder-like camera in the first place?

Second: pre-focus. Do this as follows: set focus to “manual”, then aim at your subject, then press the AF-L/AE-L lock button to focus. The camera now focuses (i.e. manual was not all that manual). You can now let go of the AE-L/AF-L button: focus is taken care of. You can now worry about moment, composition and exposure.


One thought on “Fuji X100 tips

  1. Sorry to bother you with another X100 question. I am trying to do some research by asking those who shoot with the X100. Have you heard of the “sticky aperture” hardware issue some people are having? After so many shots, some people are reporting that the aperture blades don’t move as expected, causing overexposed images. I was wondering if you noticed any of this with your X100? Thank you for your time!

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