Get down!

Well, perhaps. What I mean in my tip of the day here is that viewpoint makes a difference. Avoid being “Uncle Fred” and always shooting from exactly 5.5 feet above the ground.

Look what a difference this makes. From this shot:

To this shot:

An entirely different feel. It is more like the road surrounds you; a much more three-dimensional view.

So whether it is up, down, unusually close, or rotated: do try to use less usual viewpoints for a more lively look to your images.


2 thoughts on “Get down!

  1. Michael,

    I have only recently bought myself a decent camera and have started to really get into my photography. I stumbled accross your site yesterday and spent the next four hours going through it. Its now bookmarked and I intend to come back daily. Thanks for your tips and advice. Regards Steve

    p.s Im a Police Officer from Manchester, England and I think I may be posting much more on here soon. Thanks again.

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