Simplify.. did I mention?

An oft-recurring subject: simplify your images.

Here is a rough shot, to start, – rough meaning straight out of the camera (often expressed as “SOOC” – now you know more jargon):

Girl, wall and hammer (Photo: Michael Willems)

Now simplified:

Girl, wall and hammer (Photo: Michael Willems)

There was nothing wrong with the light on the left, and in some versions I left it in. But look at what I simplified other than that:

  • I fixed perspective;
  • I removed the light stand on the right;
  • I fixed a lot of the rubbish on the ground (view at original size to see the leaves, cigarette-buts, chewing-gum wrappers, and so on in the original image);
  • I removed the weeds growing at the bottom of the wall.

Not earth-shattering, but a tiny bit of simplifying makes a major difference in making your image more professional.


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