Lonely? Good.

Loneliness is one of those subjects photographers like.

So when you see a lonely flower sticking its head out of a fence, isolate it by focusing carefully and using a narrow depth of field (selective focus is a great way to isolate a subject); then surround it with “negative space” if you like, and shoot:

Lonely Oakville Flower (Photo: Michael Willems)

We like pictures to say something. A sense of isolation is something we can all identify with – we are all, after all, alone, for better or for worse.

A second advantage of this technique is that it simplifies your pictures, and simplicity is so often the hallmark of a great image, that aiming for a simple picture is a good thing.


2 thoughts on “Lonely? Good.

  1. “we are all, after all, alone”
    Not all of us, Michael, not all of us.
    By the way, I am reading and enjoying your posts every day.
    One of your grouppies,

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