Size matters

Size – of your lens – matters. Like for travel, where you want a wide angle lens (10-20mm on a crop camera). Or on a portrait shoot, where you want the longest possible lens.

Why? Well, just look what happens when you use a wide angle lens for a portrait. To do thijs, you need to get close. Getting close means that what is cloer to you looks larger (hold your thumb in front of the moon: is your thumb really larger than the entire moon?)

So you get this:

Not bad, you say. Sure – but look whant happens when you use a longer lens; say, a 135mm lens:

See how much more neutral, “normal” that looks? So that is why you use a long, long lens for these “headshots” close-up portraits, when you can.

And the limiting factor? Simple – the size of your studio. A long lens means “stand back far”.

But if you have the space, that is exaclty what you should do.




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