I am in the Caribbean, on the island of St Maarten, for a few hours. INcluding the pool bar, of course:

Westin Resort, St Maarten (Photo: MIchael WIllems)

But also including camera care. The moment you walk out of the hotel – bang, the camera mists up. This is due to the difference in temperature and the humidity.

Solution for tropical camera use: Before using, wait until the camera warms up.

And a very good way to do that is with the camera in a closed (tightly wrapped) plastic bag. That way, the misting up, which is bad for cameras, is minimized.

10-20 minutes and you can take as many pics as you like. Or put bag and camera on your balcony before you go out!





2 thoughts on “Carib

  1. Michael,

    Would a ziplock bag do the trick?
    This is an essential tip since I am expecting to go from warm indoors to winter outdoors with my camera for snowboarding shots.


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