Another travel tip

Another travel tip:

Fill the frame.

Get close to your subjects – it is not necessary to show the whole subject with all its distractions surrounding it. Get close, as in this image from a while back at the British Museum:

Travel image (Photo: Michael Willems)

Too many other tourists? Then filling the frame is a great way to eliminate them!

Travel image (Photo: Michael Willems)

You do this in two ways: get close, and zoom in. And don’t be afraid to go vertical, or even tilt, if you feel it helps fill the frame.


3 thoughts on “Another travel tip

  1. There is a museum in Munich Germany that I have been to twice now and there is a statue that I have taken photos of on both visits and I think I have it from every angle and I still don’t have the photo I want. And after seeing the photo above, I now see what I am missing, or rather, what I am not missing. I am getting all the clutter and really, I should only taking a photo of the specific area I want to display. Thanks, now I have another reason to go back to Munich besides the beer! 🙂

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