Fuji X100 update

Those of you who have a Fuji X100: the new 1.11 firmware is out. Download it from here.

Then upgrade, ignoring the Fuji instructions – you do not need the extra file. Just the FPUPDATE.DAT file. Once you have that:

  1. Insert a fully charged NP-95 battery into your X100.
  2. Format your SD card in your camera. (Backup your data first!)
  3. Connect the card to your computer.
  4. Copy the FPUPDATE.DAT file to the root directory of the SD card.
  5. Insert the SD card into your camera.
  6. Turn the camera on while holding down the [BACK] button to start the firmware update process, and follow the on screen instructions.

You will need to reset date/time and all custom fuctions.

And you will now have a camera with faster close-by AF.


2 thoughts on “Fuji X100 update

  1. I got my X100 before Christmas preloaded with 1.10. Updated the firmware to 1.11 as you suggested, fully ignoring Fujifilm’s instructions. The process was completed quickly without a hitch, and I can now see some marked AF improvements. Many thanks. Am sharing this with my friends and fellow camera club members in our office.

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