4 thoughts on “Hallowe’en

  1. Michael, anyway to view the exif metadata for these photos? I’m interested in trying to replicate these images. Lenses and camera settings would be helpful. I can pretty much guess what they are but its still nice to have a base line. What I can’t tell is if you used flash. I am assuming you did because of the nice dark background, also it wouldn’t be speed lighter if you didn’t!…but on close inspection I’m not sure. I can’t see a flash reflection in the glasses in the first picture, but its brightly lit. The second is not as bright on the subject and foreground, muted almost. Hmm.


  2. did you have any tips for Hallowe’en pictures?

    issues: Low natural light, dark outside but bright lights around the houses, dark foreground, but brighter background, etc.

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