Be A Cyclops

You know that feeling? You see something impressive, like the Grand Canyon, and when you get home your pictures are… blaah. Not impressive, they just don’t do it justice.

That is because when you are there, you are moving around and you are using stereoscopic vision. Two eyes show depth.

If you are using a camera you have only one eye. So here’s today’s tip:

When shooting impressive scenes, close one eye and look at the scene that way.

You will see that to bring back the feeling of awe, you need to use a wide lens and get close to something – relative size is the only way we have to see depth in two-dimensional pictures.

So this picture looks as good using one eye as it does with two eyes:

Israeli Tank (Photo: Michael Willems)

Israeli Tank (Photo: Michael Willems)

Even something as simple as  a hand held out can make a shot from Mount Carmel a little more interesting:

View from Mount Carmel (Photo: Michael Willems)

View from Mount Carmel (Photo: Michael Willems)


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