How to learn?

Learning is key in photography – and that learning does not stop until you die, or retire entirely from making (not taking) photos.

So how do you best learn photography? I have Ten Tips that may help.

  1. Read some good photo books. They may not teach you much, but they will clarify, and teach you a few things, and above all – they inspire, and they lay the groundwork.
  2. Read your favourite blogs (like this one) – daily. Make a habit of it.
  3. Also follow podcasts and videos – there are many videos online you can learn from (I think I might start doing some, too!).
  4. Google is your friend – Google for interesting techniques and try to reproduce them.
  5. Always carry your camera.
  6. Assist a pro in a shoot. Even if you do this for little or no money, you will pick up many useful techniques and build confidence.
  7. Take scheduled courses. The homework element will force you to try techniques you would otherwise not have tried.
  8. Do individual coaching. This is very effective at quickly identifying and filling the gaps.
  9. As part of this, do a portfolio review. This is a very effective way – an essential way, I would say – of getting better quickly. “Critiquing” does not mean “criticizing”!
  10. Use your editing software (Aperture or Lightroom) to get better. This too is surprisingly effective. If you are always cropping or tilting or exposing more in post, you will start to so it in camera too.

It should be no surprise that I can help you in much of this – contact me to hear more. But however you do it – do it and improve.

The great news: in this digital age, competent photography can be learned by everyone. I do not believe in an innate ability that you simply have or lack – only in differences is how quickly people pick up good habits. But everyone picks them up in the end.




2 thoughts on “How to learn?

  1. Hello Michael,
    All great points, I have to say when I first bought my Canon Rebel I wanted to shoot all the time, I do take it everywhere I went. I did find a fun website called . They give two assignments a month; you have 2weeks to shoot ea. First is usually a fun assignment and the second is a learning assignment, Photography Assignment #96 – Leading Lines.
    I have notice that over time I am doing less and less post production in Lightroom.

  2. Michael – any recommendations or suggestions on how to be able to look for pro photographer looking for help or assistance for an event or shoot?

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