Quick note about turning your camera on and off.

Don’t, not all the itme. Just let it time out and go to sleep.. It uses almost no power that way. And you don’t wear out the switch. Touch the shutter briefly to eke up th camera when you need it.

But note: the camera will briefly turn on when you hit the shutter and some other switches.

And – and this took me time to figure out – when you move many lenses. The lens, when jarred, can talk to the camera, which will wake up!

Finally: it’s good practice to turn off and on when switching lenses. If only because the dust shaker will operate just when dust is likely to get in.

4 thoughts on “On/off?

  1. Michael,
    One off-topic question:
    What do you think of the 3d cameras? Fujifilm has one out, the FinePix REAL 3D W3, which I am thinking of getting.
    Thanks and Happy Holidays, Emil

  2. a good note to mention why to turn the camera off when changing lenses I have shorted out a lens before when not turning the camera off

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