Recompose during events?

A students asks:

What are your thoughts with focus and recompose when shooting events or portraits? Since it is very difficult to always move the single focus point, especially with event photography, I feel that sometimes focus and recompose is better. However, I have also read through other websites that doing the ‘focus and recompose’ technique could affect quality of the picture.

Good question.

Moving the focus point is always more accurate (because of geometry and because you might move), when you have the time – but it does take that small amount of time. So yes, I do that when I can – when I am shooting at, say, f/5.6 or brighter, and when I have a second.

When I do not, I just usse the central focus point – which on most cameras is the most sensitive! – and live with any small inaccuracies.

So if I simplify it is:

Recompose when it is dark or you are in a hurry; and move the focus point when you have time or when you need great accuracy.


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