Ten Video Tips

I occasionally shoot video with my DSLRs (7D and 1D Mk4). Not like this, therefore:

Camera (Photo: Michael Willems)

But simpler. And the secret is simplicity!

My top ten video tips:

  1. Shoot clips of ca 10 seconds.
  2. Add a lead-in and lead-out of a second or two to each clip so you can fade in/out
  3. Do not move the camera unnecessarily. The dog breathing is enough motion.
  4. Avoid focusing while shooting. Focus, shoot the clip, done
  5. Use external audio, or at least an external mike.
  6. Use manual exposure if you can, or at least lock exposure during your clip
  7. Avoid zooming in or out unnecessarily, and never zoom in, then out or vice versa.
  8. Use prime lenses.
  9. Shoot a “B-roll”, i.e. supporting clips that show the environment
  10. Start with an “establishing shot”

Try that and your videos get much better!


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