Snaps with thought

It is important, when taking a snap of, say, a tourist destination, to think for a few seconds.

Take this image, of a guard at Stockholm’s Royal Palace:

Stockholm Palace Guard (Photo: Michael Willems)

A snapshot, but one I thought about for a bit.

  • I got close enough to fill the frame.
  • I ensured that I shot when the sun was lighting his face, not the back of his head.
  • I placed the palace he is guarding behind him, not the parking lot.
  • I blurred out that palace.
  • I used the “rule of thirds” in the composition.
  • I shot at the right moment, when his arm was outstretched.
  • I had started by looking for a guard who looked not unfriendly.
  • And I ensured the blue sky reflected in his helmet.

A little thinking makes your shot from a snapshot into a photograph. Just think of subject, context, background, light, and composition.


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